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Do you want to know the potential of your waste through chemical recycling?

EUREX ENERGY, as one of the first companies in the world, offers you the possibility of testing your hard-to-recycle plastic waste through a chemical recycling process.

Test conditions:

  • minimum sample 1000 kg
  • minimum testing time of 24 hours
  • fee for 1 testing hour - starting from 260.- €/h
  • Possibility of delivery of laboratory analyzes of output products (not part of the price)
  • input material must contain at least 70% polyolefins
  • input material must be free of metal materials in the composition of PE and PP

Within 24 hours Your company will know whether your plastic waste, which until now ended up in incinerators, is recyclable, non-recyclable, or conditionally recyclable

EUREX ECO 1 unit

Our partners: Chemosvit and Siemens

EUREX ECO 1 is an innovative pyrolysis system for converting hard-to-recycle plastic waste into products that can be further used in the petrochemical industry, or as secondary fuels.

Thanks to the low consumption of external energy - we use technological gas produced by us for heating process, compactness - little need for installation space and the possibility of simple transportation to another place, high efficiency - continuous operation thanks to the removal of solid residues from the reactor and high capacity considering the dimensions of the unit, high quality output products and, thanks to close cooperation with Siemens, the fully automatic operation of the unit guarantees a low impact on the environment and economic efficiency.


  • Mixed municipal waste (black containers)
  • Mixed plastic waste (yellow containers)
  • Waste packaging material from industry and commerce (PE, PP, PS) 
  • Sorted plastic waste
  • Plastic waste
  • Plastics after the technical and qualitative limits of repetition of mechanical recycling processes have been exhausted

  • Showroom EUREX ECO 1
  • CHEMOSVIT, a.s.
  • Štúrova 101 059 21 Svit

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Eurex Energy, s.r.o. capitalized on its own development using foreign knowledge and experience in the production of new technology in the use of renewable and alternative energy sources, the EUREX ECO 01 equipment for the recovery of mixed waste plastics in the form of chemical recycling.ed.

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