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We have been engaged in research and development in the field of natural and technical sciences since 2010
Eurex Energy (before Eurex oil ltd.) is a Slovak company with more than 13 years of research and development experience in the field of natural and technical sciences. Eurex Energy, s.r.o. capitalized on its own development using foreign knowledge and experience in the production of new technology in the use of renewable and alternative energy sources, the EUREX ECO 01 equipment for the recovery of mixed waste plastics in the form of chemical recycling.

We brought to the market a patented Slovak technology for the chemical recycling of problematic (difficult to recycle) waste plastics. The technology itself processes plastic waste into raw material, thus saving fossil resources.

We solve the ecological burden, we focus on maximum environmental protection, reducing the carbon footprint and disposal of plastic waste by catalytic depolymerization.

Our basic goal is to reduce the carbon footprint and increase the recycling rate in the EU.

Eurex Energy, s.r.o
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