Impact On The Environment

  • The technological equipment is low in energy consumption.

    The EUREX ECO 1 unit within all combustion processes in 1 hour of operation at maximum energy consumption produces fewer pollutants than a family house at maximum energy consumption per hour when heated with wood, 6 times fewer pollutants compared to a family house heated with black coal, or almost 10 times fewer pollutants than a family house heated with brown coal. Compared to a single- family house heated by ground gas, the EUREX ECO 1 unit produces less than 5 times the pollutants of a family house. However, it is necessary to take into account that apart from heating, family houses also produce emissions from other activities.

    In terms of CO2 greenhouse gas production comparison, the EUREX ECO 1 unit produces approximately as many emissions per hour of maximum operation as 2.5 solid fuel-burning family homes and 5 natural gas-burning family homes.

    The EUREX ECO 1 unit does not burden the environment with a large amount of exhalates and greenhouse gases and can significantly contribute to the processing of hard-to-recycle plastic waste.

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Eurex Energy, s.r.o. capitalized on its own development using foreign knowledge and experience in the production of new technology in the use of renewable and alternative energy sources, the EUREX ECO 01 equipment for the recovery of mixed waste plastics in the form of chemical recycling.ed.

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