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The autonomy of the EUREX ECO 1 unit is ensured by industrial technologies from Siemens. For the control of continuous chemical processes, EUREX ECO 1 unit uses a modern Siemens Simatic PCS 7
control system, which is the control center of the line.
Sitrans sensors for measuring flows, temperatures, or pressures and Siwarex strain gauges for weighing mixtures during production, through frequency converters and Sinamics drives, to components Scalance
and Sinema for remote line management and diagnostics - these are other Siemens products used in EUREX ECO 1 technology.
In addition to the automation engineering itself, Siemens also provided extensive support and training, both before the project work on the Simatic PCS control system and the Sitrans process device, but also in the other phases of the project – during start-up, programming, and revitalization of the control system.


Thanks to the cooperation with the company CHEMOSVIT, a.s., EUREX ENERGY, s.r.o. ensured the production of a unique prototype of the EUREX ECO 1 unit. This unit is located in the industrial hall of TATRAFAN, s.r.o. in Svit.
A member of the CHEMOSVIT, a.s. group, the company CHEMOSVIT STROJCHEM, s.r.o., which is engaged in engineering production, will be responsible for the production of lines for the chemical recycling of plastics for customers from all over the world.

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