Buy - We Sell you technology for chemical
recycling of heavy dirty plastics

Are you looking for the best chemical recycling technology to help transform plastic waste to circular? We in Eurex Energy have what you're looking for.

Buy - Sell technology for chemical recycling heavy dirty plastics.

Chemical recycling helping to transform plastic waste to circular .

Chemical recycling helping to transform plastic waste to circular. As output products we deliver gasoline, diesel and gas what is used for technology of chemical recycling to cover energy spending for up to 90%.

Benefits include better profit margins, enhanced name recognition and a stronger position as a global leader in chemical recycling and heavy duty plastic products.

Chemical recycling is the transformation of plastic waste into pure, usable materials.

Buying new technology for chemical recycling heavy dirty plastics can dramatically increase the efficiency of your operations and reduce costs at the same time. Why throw away valuable material that could potentially be used again if it is cleaned in the right way? You will also help to protect the environment by preventing waste.

Buy - We Sell you technology for chemical recycling of heavy dirty plastics
Buy - We Sell you technology for chemical recycling of heavy dirty plastics

Changing the way the world recycles

Eurex Energy offers an integrated solution for plastic recycling, including both a chemical recycling technology and feedstock processing expertise, transforming the global challenge of plastic waste into value. Through our licensing model, we help our customers unlock the circularity of plastic on a global scale.

Proven chemical recycling technology

Eurex Energy is a chemical recycling technology company that uses pyrolysis to convert all types of waste plastic into their original liquefied gasoline and diesel for reuse.

A leader in plastic recycling technology solutions

We give waste plastic a new, circular life, converting this valuable material back into gas for reuse and another valuable liquid as gasoline and diesel.

11 years of technology development

Since our founding in 2013, Eurex Energy has been dedicated to its mission of using technology for good. With seven generations of technologies released and the first commercial closed loop plastic to plastic facility, Eurex Energy has established itself as a leader in the advanced recycling of plastic.

What is the future of plastic recycling?

Our Eurex ECO 1 unit as technology is at the heart of chemical recycling because you must first understand its properties. Only then will it be possible to transform it into something that has value. The most obvious use for recycled plastics is as new plastic, though actually, this makes up a very small part of recycled material.

Chemical recycling takes waste as a raw material to create new plastics. It makes it more or less the same as virgin material, but at a lower cost.

What is the new technology in plastics?

Chemical recycling is not new. It has been practiced for decades, but it is now transforming the plastics industry with the latest technology. There are two types of chemical recycling. The first one is when companies, municipalities and individuals send their waste plastic to us for recycling. This approach is similar to how we have done our chemical reprocessing business in the past, and it is called “back-of-the-house” process. We have been using this approach for many years and it ensures expert handling of your waste plastic, as well as advanced technologies and most competitive environmental and financial benefits.

More about plastic waste in Europe and World wide

In recent years, the challenge of plastic waste generation has become a prime concern in the global political arena. At the EU level, a dedicated strategy on plastics was adopted that led to the Single-Use Plastics Directive. In spite of this, plastic waste management data show that achieving a circular economy for plastics in the EU is a long way off. Available studies indicate that plastic waste generation may remain at high levels in the future or even increase in the absence of ambitious circularity policies. The report looks at the challenges associated with plastic waste generation and discusses the potential of using chemical recycling technologies as part of an ecosystem of solutions for increasing the circularity of plastics. It is based on evidence collected through desk-research and inputs provided during a series of stakeholder meetings.

Given the myriad applications of plastics, a mix of recycling solutions, combined with efforts aimed at increasing reuse and waste prevention will be needed. This requires a policy environment that while enabling all recycling options would at the same time provide a level playing field between mechanical and chemical recycling. To achieve such a level playing field, clarification would be needed on how chemical recycling technologies could contribute to achieving recycled content targets. As these technologies scale up, the question about whether there is a need to provide clarity about their position in the waste hierarchy and in the existing recycling definition will also need to be addressed.

There are several data uncertainties about plastic waste feedstocks and composition as well as the emissions and losses in the chemical recycling processes. The publication of methodology guidelines for LCAs comparing different treatment options for waste plastics can support a more informed debate about plastics’ circularity. More integrated assessments considering the full spectrum of plastic waste streams and how they can be treated in the most environmentally friendly way can also contribute to this debate.

Revolutionary chemical recycling technology

  • Eurex Eco 1 represents a revolution in the chemical recycling of plastics and provides a sustainable and cost- effective approach to the management of plastic waste.
    Explore EUREX ECO 1


    Eurex Eco 1 represents a revolution in the chemical recycling of plastics and provides a sustainable and cost-effective approach to the management of plastic waste.

    This innovative technology uses advanced thermochemical processes to transform plastic waste into valuable and reusable resources, helping to create a greener and more
    sustainable future.

  • Eurex Eco 1 represents a revolution in the chemical recycling of plastics and provides a sustainable and cost- effective approach to the management of plastic waste.
    Experience EUREX ECO 1

    Experience EUREX ECO 1

    Come and see the amazing possibilities of plastic recycling and get to know EUREX ECO 1 system. After 10 years of development and successful functional tests, we are ready to show the world what chemical plastic recycling can do.

    We invite you to join us on this journey of innovation and learn more about the power of chemical plastic recycling at the EUREX ECO 1 showroom in Svit.

  • Our partnership with Chemosvit and Siemens
    Our partnership EUREX ECO 1

    Our partnership
    with Chemosvit and Siemens

    We believe in using advanced technology to ensure the highest level of quality and reliability of our EUREX ECO 1 equipment.

    Our partnership with Chemosvit and Siemens ensures that our technology provides the best quality and most reliable performance in chemical recycling.


There are already more than 5 billion tonnes of plastic waste worldwide - and another 200 million tonnes are produced each year!

Plastic waste is renewable energy

EUREX has developed an innovative environmentally friendly pyrolysis system for the use of plastic waste, which generates minimal emissions, produces no toxic waste and the end result is a recycled chemical suitable for the petrochemical industry for the production of new plastics

Chemical recycling mixed plastic waste

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Eurex Energy, s.r.o. capitalized on its own development using foreign knowledge and experience in the production of new technology in the use of renewable and alternative energy sources, the EUREX ECO 01 equipment for the recovery of mixed waste plastics in the form of chemical recycling.ed.

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