EUREX ECO 1 unit

EUREX ECO 1 unit

EUREX ECO 1 unit

The EUREX ECO 1 unit and the technology of processing mixed plastic materials from municipal and industrial waste represent the thermal processing of polymer waste without air access, which takes place
continuously, while the main product is a continuously collected mixture of fission products in a gaseous state. These are subsequently condensed and obtained from them in distillation equipment liquid
hydrocarbons that can be used as diesel and gasoline fractions.
It is therefore a chemical recycling of plastic waste, the output of which is obtaining a liquid mixture of hydrocarbons, which can be used as a raw material for the petrochemical industry or as a substitute for liquid fuels obtained by oil processing. It is not a process of incinerating plastic waste as a means to obtain energy.

EUREX ECO 1,chemical recycling technology

The process of thermal treatment of plastic waste is a continuous process that requires regular addition of
plastic material and removal of decomposition products (heavy fraction) without shutdown and cooling of
the reactor.
The EUREX ECO 1 unit is designed to ensure the stability of the temperature and homogeneity of the
overheating of the processed plastic waste in the entire volume of the reactor and thus the homogeneity of the output products, which can be used in the petrochemical industry as chemical substances or can be
used as secondary fuels.

Technology - Eurex ECO 01

Eurex ECO 01 is a device based on the depolymerization process, which converts plastic waste based on PP (polypropylene) and PE (polyethylene) with a mixture of other plastic waste max. up to 5% during the thermal transformation to medium mineral oil, light mineral oil, gas and solid residue.

  • Extruder
  • Absorber and condensing system of steam from the extruder
  • Reactor
  • Return cooler
  • Distillation rectification column for continuous distillation with reflux (two liquid fractions - light, middle and one gaseous fraction)
  • Gas management (cleaning of non-condensible gases, compressor, cooler, storage tank, M&R)
  • Equipment for briquetting solid residues
  • Cyclone separator solid pollutants connected to the scrubber of the exhaust gases from the post-reactor
  • Hydraulic valve for discharging solid residues
  • Solid residue container
  • Filtration equipment for liquid products (filtration below 10 μm)
  • Field burner (Candle)
  • Pipelines
  • Security system
  • SW / HW Management and control system
  • Manual
  • Ceramic burners for process gas
Modern Ballet

Technological capability of the EUREX EKO 01 device

During its operation, the device recovers plastic waste based mainly on PP (polypropylene) and PE (polyethylene), other waste plastics up to 5% by weight, which is converted into fuel in two liquid fractions (light - so-called gasoline and medium - the so-called diesel fraction), one gas fraction and a solid residue. The processing is based on the principle of mechanical and chemical-thermal degradation.

Material efficiency of the process = 89%
Process energy efficiency = 87%
Energy intensity (total) = 12.9%
Energy intensity (foreign sources) = 7.1%
400 kg waste plastic / 80% PE, 20% PP / = 3900 kW
320 l recycled (256 kg) + 36 m3 sygas (50 kg) = 3500 kW

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Eurex Energy, s.r.o. capitalized on its own development using foreign knowledge and experience in the production of new technology in the use of renewable and alternative energy sources, the EUREX ECO 01 equipment for the recovery of mixed waste plastics in the form of chemical recycling.ed.

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