Output Products

  • - Liquid: medium fraction (diesel), light fraction (gasoline)
    - Gaseous: technological gas
    - Solid residue

    The output products are mainly liquid substances usable in the petrochemical industry, which fulfills the European strategy for plastics in the circular economy, which was adopted on January 16, 2018.

    From a chemical point of view, mixed waste plastics, mechanically difficult to recycle, will be used as a secondary raw material for the recovery of chemical liquid and gaseous substances in an environmentally friendly method. This will not only achieve a favorable environmental impact - reducing the storage of
    hard-to-decompose and problematically recyclable plastic waste in landfills with the uncontrolled release of harmful substances into the air and groundwater, but also obtain very valuable raw material resources normally obtained from fossil sources according to the principles and goals of the circular economy.

    The output products from the recovery of waste plastics can be used in the petrochemical industry as chemicals, or
    they can be used as secondary fuels if they meet the fuel quality requirements.

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