Technological Process

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The EUREX ECO 1 unit represents an innovative technological solution for processing hard-to-recycle waste plastics.

The line is built on a unique three-phase process.
In the first, mechanical-thermal phase, the incoming waste is suitably treated and freed from most of the
water and other pollutants.
The input can be all plastic waste based on PE and PP in any proportion, even with slight pollution up to
15% of the total weight. Plastics can come from both municipal and industrial waste, but also from
landfills or other sources.
A melt is created from the input plastics, which in the second phase is decomposed in the reactor into
process gas at a temperature of up to 430o C. This proceeds to the condensation system, where two liquid
and one gas fractions are separated.
The resulting product can be certified secondary fuels suitable as a substitute for fuels from fossil sources, for
example in electricity generators. After supplementing with absorbents, additional purification, and filtration, the
output products can be used repeatedly for the production of plastics. And part of the non-condensable gases will be
used as gaseous secondary fuel for the own process heating of the reactor of the recycling line.

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